Fish Creek Ski Trail - This packed intermediate/novice trail is a 4 mile trek just 15 miles south of Afton.

Salt River Pass Ski Trail - This packed advanced/intermediate/novice trail is 16 miles south of Afton and is 2.6 miles in length.Star Valley View Golf Course Ski Trail - This 3 mile course is a packed intermediate trail located 1 mile south of Afton.

Star Valley Ranch Golf Course Ski Trail -  Enjoy either Cedar Creek, an 18-hole course, which is a more advanced trail, or Aspen Hills, a 9-hole course, which is an intermediate trail.  Both courses are packed trails.

Alpine Cross Country Ski Association  - Wonderful groomed trails with spectacular views of the Alpine area and Palisades Reservoir.

There is ample opportunity  and country to blaze your own trail for any adventurous individual.


There are over 350+ miles of groomed forest service trails in Star Valley & the Greys River area which are suitable for beginners and experienced snowmobilers.  If you are an off-the-road snowmobiler, there are hundreds of miles of virgin  un-groomed trails.  The Wyoming Range is ranked 5th in the West for having the best snowmobiling.  As of yet, we are un-crowded and less restricted than more publicized areas.  You can rent snowmobiles or have a guided snowmobile tour. 

The Grey's River District is noted as one of the top five snowmobile destinations in the USA!!





Big Game Hunting:  Star Valley has elk, deer, bear, moose, mountain lion and mountain sheep.  Many trophy animals taken here rank in the Boone and Crockett registry.  Local guides and outfitters cater to sportsmen from all around the nation who come here to enjoy some of the best trophy hunting in the world.

Small Game Hunting: Rabbit, duck, sage grouse, squirrel, waterfowl, pheasant and rock chucks.


Star Valley is home to the All American Cutter Racing Association.  While this sport originated in Thayne in 1948, it has since moved to West of Afton.  Races are run every Saturday afternoon  from the first of December to the end of February.  The racers themselves love the sport but on these Saturdays you will see a lot of sacrifice, a lot of endurance and a lot of fun being had - and that’s just those who are watching.


This elk feeding ground is one mile south of Alpine.  A large number of elk are feed from November until May.  This is a 1,000 head management unit & 500-600 bales of hay are fed during the season.  This feed ground is managed by the Wyoming Game and Fish and this site was selected in the 1940’s as a permanent feed ground.  Feeding is generally done in the morning and is a good time to watch the elk move around through the six-foot fence.


If you want to ski or snowboard, then Sno-Shoe Hollow in Afton is the place to go on Fridays & Saturdays.  If you are more into sledding then visit Star Valley Ranch - Aspen Hills #1 fairway to catch the action.  The community has lots of fun hills  to tackle for sledding, snowman building or a good old fashioned snow ball fight.



Aviat Aircraft Factory - Aviat is located just south of town of Afton and is home of the world famous Pitts Aerobatic Aircraft, the Eagle homebuilt kit and the Husky.  Winter factory tours are available upon request only.

Afton’s Elkhorn Arch - Constructed in 1958,  this world’s largest arch made of over 3,000 discarded elk antlers stand about 18 feet high and spans 75 feet across Afton’s Main Street.



Call Air Museum - Located  at the Afton Civic Center , you can peer in the cockpits of the original Call-Air aircraft & snow cars. Open Monday - Friday from 9 am - 5 pm or on weekends by appointment.

Freedom Arms  - Freedom Arms is a weapons factory, where the world renowned, powerful Casull  handguns and revolvers are manufactured. Visitors are welcome during working hours to see their display of handguns & view their short video on the weapons in action.  Go four miles north of Thayne, turn west on Wyoming 239 and travel 1/2 mile west to the Factory.




Giant snow sculptures lining Main Street, Winter Barbeque, Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides, Children's Activities, Parade of Lights, Fireworks, and the Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Racing Circuit.








Afton Hill Climbs - This is a RMSHA circuit event in Feb. simply known every year in Star Valley as the “hill climbs”.   With huge crowds on hand & even bigger excitement, this snowmobiling event displays talent which on the cutting edge of technology.

Thayne Snow Days - Held the first weekend in February every year, this snowmobile spectacular event begins Friday with “Fire & Ice” which is locals jumping snowmobiles over a ring of fire.  It concludes on Saturday with drag racing for kids & adults.

Alpine International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race - This race was started in 1996 to showcase thebeautiful state of  Wyoming and to make dog sled racing more accessible to the public.  Alpine is usually the 5th stop in this amazing race.  Alpine welcomes the dogs and mushers every February.

Parade of Lights - Christmas parade held in Afton the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  This unique parade goes on if the temperature is 30 degrees above or 30 degrees below zero. 




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