Bridger Animal Hospital & Haystack Pet Resort

By Richelle Primm, SVI Media 

“I feel like the Chamber of Commerce benefits the community and something businesses should be a part of,” Dr. Lisa Pachie, owner of Bridger Animal Hospital & Haystack Pet Resort, said.

Bridger Animal Hospital & Haystack Pet Resort has been a chamber member ever since it first opened in 2006 with Dr. Steve Carter as the owner. Dr. Pachie worked for Carter for 10 years as the head veterinarian before she bought the hospital in 2016, and continues as the head veterinarian today.

Dr. Pachie said there has been several goals met since buying the hospital a couple years ago. She said new technology has been brought in such as digital radiology, digital thermal energy, and deep tissue laser therapy.

Because of the improvements, there has been improved working conditions for the employees as well. Dr. Pachie said, “We’ve been able to hire more people and increase wages…I feel like these are my family and we provide well-paying jobs for them.”

Other new advancements have been made as well.  Dr. Pachie said they were able to build a barn to offer a safe and dry indoor and outdoor facility for horses. It also offers a place for farriers to work during inclement weather.

Photo Archive from Bridger Animal Hospital & Haystack Pet Resort

Expanding the facility and increasing the services was critical for the hospital because they have stayed busy for the past few months. Dr. Pachie said the busy times used to be seasonal, but now it seems to be non-stop.

“We get after hours and weekend phone calls all the time,” Dr. Pachie said.  “We can provide emergency services and direct the owners where to go if more specialized care is needed.  Sometimes just answering a concerned owner’s question gives them peace of mind, even if it is not an emergency.”

Dr. Pachie said their patients also appreciate the hospital’s support of the community by being a member of the Chamber of Commerce. She said being a part of the chamber is like getting your license. “You just gotta do it.”

Bridger Animal Hospital & Haystack Pet Resort is located in Thayne. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can find them on Facebook at

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