Chamber Member Benefits


    • Access to Chamber news
    • Listing in the Chamber Directory
    • Increased amount of business advocates and business partnerships
    • Invitations to professional trainings
    • Invitations to networking events
    • Specific referrals (more business brought to you through chamber recommendation)
    • Participation in the Chamber Bucks program
  • $150/year ($12.50/month)

★★ Membership

    • Everything included in ★ Membership benefits, plus:
    • Promotional opportunities in community events
    • Access to promotional videos created for your business by SVI Media at a Chamber rate
    • Business features in the newspaper, Star Valley Independent, and the Chamber website
  • $500/year ($41.67/month)

★★★ Membership

    • Everything included in ★★ Membership benefits, plus:
    • Invitation to the annual review (Dinner included)
    • Included in the annual business inventory
    • Access to having your business on the rotating banner on the Chamber website
  • Partnership with the Chamber to meet your business goals
    • This may include, but is not limited to:
        • One-on-one meeting with a board member to discuss goals and how the Chamber can help
        • Hosting events geared toward bringing you more business
        • Fundraisers
        • Grants
      • Mention in promotional products e.g. “This video is brought to you by [insert name of business]
  • $1500/year ($125/month)

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