Justin Kaiser

Justin Kaiser is a Wyoming native, born and raised in Lincoln County. Besides spending 2 years in the suburbs of Washington D.C. as a missionary and 5 fishing seasons working in Alaska, he has lived in Wyoming his whole life. After graduating from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, he spent the next 7 ½ years in the Bridger Valley, working as a Recruiting Specialist in Human Resources for Union Wireless and then as the HR Director for Redi Services.

He always had a desire to live in beautiful Star Valley, visiting often, as his wife is originally from Auburn. When he saw an opportunity in Human Resources at the Simplot Smoky Canyon Mine, he jumped at it, and began working as their HR Manager in the spring of 2016. He and his wife have 3 children. Justin enjoys spending time with his family and getting into the great outdoors to camp, hunt, fish, and look at wildlife anytime he gets the chance. His all-time outdoor passion includes looking for shed antlers each spring.