Lincoln Self Reliance–An NPO True to Its’ Mission

By Richelle Primm, SVI Media

Since Lincoln Self Reliance embarked on its’ journey in 2000, it has increased its’ clientele to over 70 people and its’ annual budget by eight times.

Lincoln Self Reliance (LSR) is a private not-for-profit organization which provides services to individuals with disabilities in order to provide them more opportunities and improve their quality of life within their community.

Some of LSR’s services include supported employment, day programming, supported living, respite, residential habilitation, personal care, job coaching, job development, and child habilitation.

“One of the things we really try to help our clients with is integrating them in the community,” Darrel Skinner, LSR Executive Director, said.

LSR provides several different jobs for its’ clients including shredding important documents from local businesses and organizations, janitorial services within the building, and their locally owned thrift store, Skinner explained.

One way the community could help the LSR clients, Skinner said, is for businesses to be willing to hire people with disabilities.

He said businesses could practice job carving, which is “when a business modifies the job duties so that someone with a disability can complete the job duties.”    

LSR clients have done many things throughout the years to give back to the community, Skinner said. Clients have helped with cleaning and organizing the Thayne Library, provided transportation for care centers when needed, helped keep the “meals on wheels” program servicing in Evanston by providing volunteers to put meals together, and more.

“We try to give back,” Skinner said. “We want the community to see our clients are giving back to it.”

LSR clients have also provided help to the Star Valley Chamber of Commerce in years past. It has been a member of the chamber since it was established in 2000, Skinner said.

He said LSR has been the recipient of two Chamber awards–Business of the Year in 2004 and Service Organization of the Year in 2011. LSR has also been the recipient of several national awards including Governor’s Safety Award, and Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program. It also has national accreditation through Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

LSR’s mission is “to provide training and support to individuals with disabilities so they may achieve maximum potential for self reliance and active participation in the community” and it has many accomplishments to show for that.