Salt River Soap Works

By Richelle Primm, SVI Media

Do you believe in taking time for yourself and for your family? What about giving your body what it needs to feel and be healthy? Salt River Soap Works does.

“We’re here to get people healthy, and your skin is your biggest organ,” Amber Hyde, owner of Salt River Soap Works said. “If you’ve got that taken care of you’ve got most of the battle won.”

Salt River Soap Works creates its’ own line of bar soaps which contain all natural ingredients that are specifically developed for dry skin and dry climates.

“I put clay, seeds, and diatomaceous earth in [the soap]. Colors are all natural, most coming from herbs or spices. It’s all mineral based. Fragrances are all essential oils or essential-oil based,” Hyde said.

Customers from Salt River Soap Works have reported outstanding improvements with either their own skin or someone in their family, infant and up.

“Oh my gosh, they just love it. So many people have had their skin cleaned up,” Hyde said. “If someone gets off liquid soap and then you give them a week on [our] product that’s truly organic and natural, it’s just incredible what they have to say.”

There are 70 different flavors of soap available in the store at any given time, Hyde said.

She said it’s impressive to have that many flavors considering how hard it is to keep it stocked.

It takes a little over 30 days from start to finish to make a batch of soap. It takes 30 days alone to cure the soap, so the bars will be hard enough and won’t melt when you use it.

Hyde said she even makes her packaging eco-friendly. Products are paper wrapped and she uses fabric for her labels, making everything easy for the earth and recyclable.

Despite the expensive and time consuming labor, Hyde said she and her staff are trying to keep everything affordable.

“From the day we started we haven’t raised the prices. We strive to keep it that price so people can use it affordably,” Hyde said. “Anywhere else, bar soaps at this caliber goes anywhere from 8-10 dollars.”

Hyde said she appreciates “everyone who is hung up on them and everyone’s patronage.”

“For Star Valley, it’s pretty dang good to stay in business for six years for a small business,” Hyde said.

Salt River Soap Works is located at 570 S. Washington St., 1 ½ blocks south of the elk horn arch–shared with the Silver Star Communications building in Afton. Its’ business hours are 10 a.m.-4 p.m. every day except closed Wednesdays and Sundays.

Also, you can contact Salt River Soap Works by calling 307-885-7627, visiting the website at or connecting with them on Facebook,

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