Scott Thomas, Bank of Alpine/Jackson Hole

Scott is six generations from Jackson, WY. He grew up on a Guest Ranch where he enjoyed sharing the beauty of the area with others from the back of a horse.  He attended Utah State University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.  As Star Valley reminded him of how Jackson used to be, he settled in Etna in 2004 and has raised his two boys in the Valley.  Scott has been working in the banking industry as a lender for the past 15 years.  Scott still enjoys getting into the backcountry on his horse or snowmobile, and boating on the Palisades.  Stationed at the Bank of Alpine in Alpine, he hopes to help the community to grow in a responsible way, but also keep the character of the Valley intact.  As the Valley grows, his mission is ensure that future Star Valley generations can continue to call the Valley home.