Star Valley Construction

By Richelle Primm, SVI Media 

The home-building heritage for Star Valley Construction began over 100 years ago when the family’s great grandfather built one of the first homes in Star Valley. 

Star Valley Construction is a family owned and operated business who has over 50 years of combined building experience in high quality homes for Star Valley. 

Nick Titensor, owner of Star Valley Construction, said he remembers he and his brother working alongside their dad ever since they were five years old. 

“My dad has been building homes since the 1980s, but Star Valley Construction was born in 2005 when we officially became partners,” Titensor said. 

Titensor, his brother and father are the main operators of Star Valley Construction. 

They do everything from building log homes, standard framing homes, custom timber framing, roofing, decks, garages, remodeling, and more, Titensor said. 

“We build from the ground up,” he said. “Complete home construction is what we prefer, but we will do [several types of home construction] to satisfy the customer.” 

Picture provided by Star Valley Construction.

Titensor said he and his family take pride in being local builders. They have been Star Valley natives their whole lives, and feel they are able to put together long-term, good quality products because they are familiar with the economy and environment of Star Valley. 

“Quality is our number one focus, we’re not just throwing up a cheap product,” Titensor said. “We see that a lot of with outside builders who are not familiar with Star Valley.”

According to Star Valley Construction’s website, Titensor and his family enjoy the work they do because they’re able to help families make Star Valley a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world. 

“We’ve been building homes in Star Valley for 30 plus years,” Titensor said. “We are a local company.” 

If you’re interested in learning more about Star Valley Construction, visit its website at or their Facebook page, “Star Valley Construction.” You can contact the business by emailing or by calling 307-413-6152.