Star Valley Insurance Meets Your Needs

By Richelle Primm, SVI Media

Star Valley Insurance, a company grounded in its values yet flexible to its’ customers needs has been serving the valley since 2005.

The family business was started by Doyle Child in 1948, then Tom Davis ran the insurance office from the early 70’s till 2005 when Bringhurst took over.

“Our Family has been serving the valley for decades and plans to be around for decades more,” Stu Bringhurst, owner and president of Star Valley Insurance, said.

Bringhurst said he and his employees have a wider scope as an independent agent.

“It’s more work because you need to know all the ins and outs of multiple insurance companies, but we are also a lot more flexible in serving our customers,” he said.

“When someone has a claim or catastrophe, we can help them gather, organize, and rebuild,” Bringhurst said. “It’s nice to be there and help someone through that hard time whether it be a vehicle, business, home, life or other type of claim.”

When Doyle Child first established his insurance agency around eight decades ago, he was instrumental in starting the SV Chamber of Commerce.

Bringhurst said there are several benefits of being associated with the chamber, some being community involvement, listing on the website, and attending the events and educational trainings provided.

“I think [the chamber is] doing a good job,” Bringhurst said. “It seems like they’re more active now than in the past.”

Bringhurst bought Star Valley Insurance back in ‘05 and said his favorite part about his job is working with people.

“We provide peace of mind for our insureds, protecting their assets, and help people get through their insurance related problems,” Bringhurst said. “We’re happy to help new customers get the coverage that works for their specific needs.”

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