Sterling Urgent Care Provides Affordable Healthcare

By Richelle Primm, SVI Media

Sterling Urgent Care provides healthcare at an affordable rate for all, health insured or not.

Austin Rasmussen, Physician Assistant, said Sterling Urgent Care provides an affordable membership plan for those who find they are in need of a more budget friendly healthcare option.

“People who are not insured can still be offered care at a significantly discounted price,” Rasmussen said.

He said, “Sterling provides family care, primary care, regular wellness check ups, and more; all with the benefit of having a same-day visit.”

Stacey Clyde, Registered Nurse and Clinical Manager, said “We get lots of comments about having affordable healthcare. Patients can get healthcare now whereas before they couldn’t.”

She said, “We wanted to change the face of healthcare…we wanted to make it more affordable.”

Sterling Urgent Care’s Star Valley clinic will celebrate it’s one-year anniversary in May. Rasmussen and Clyde have both worked in the SV location since it first opened.

Rasmussen and Clyde said Sterling came to the valley because, at the time there was no other urgent care here but there was a definite need for one. Clyde also mentioned Sterling has case managers available to help find the cheapest price for more advanced treatments for its’ patients.

“We get comments from patients all the time expressing that they’re glad we’re here,” Rasmussen said. “They’re glad we can bring some light to those who are sick, injured, or scared.”

When it first opened, Sterling Urgent Care became a member of the SV Chamber of Commerce.

Clyde said the Chamber helped Sterling with its’ ribbon cutting and advertisement of the opening. It also helps with advertising to new people who move in to the valley.  

Clyde also mentioned being a chamber member “provides a benefit of getting your name out in the community and fosters an opportunity to serve the valley.”

“Being a member of the Chamber helps gives us a way to be a part of the community,” Rasmussen said.

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