Thompson Agency Celebrates State Farm Bank Day

By Dan Dockstader, SVI Media 

KRSV Swift 98.7 FM broadcast the celebration of State Farm Bank Day Oct. 4, 2018.

State Farm Agent Randy Thompson summarized the services of his Star Valley based office.

“We have 120 insurance services, 60 banking services and 140 financial services and investing accounts.” We are a full service bank, including insurance and financial planning and investing services.”

He continued, “We offer everything from insurance for your home, car, life and business, to saving programs and plans that help grow your wealth through a suite of financial products that are safe and sound.”

Thompson emphasizes a “best” services approach at his agency. “Our customers deserve our best efforts,” he said. “Every day we need to be ‘the best’ and give ‘our best’ because our customers give us ‘their best.’  It is really that simple!”

He added, “We are uniquely positioned better than any company I know to help people protect their wealth, their assets and themselves as well as help them grow their wealth and assets for a future day.”

Thompson concluded, “We are good at what we do and we care about you.”

Thompson offered the following summary of State Farm and the Randy Thompson Agency.

“State Farm is the number one insurance company in the country with over $100 billion in net worth and no debt.

“This agency is one of the top 50 agencies in the country out of 19,000 State Farm agencies and the largest in Wyoming.

“I am proud of my team and proud of this community.  It’s great to get the recognition, and to win, but we only win when we help others.

“That’s what this is ultimately about, making sure we left people better than we found them!” Thompson concluded. “We’re grateful to be here.”

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