April 5, 2023

υ Kandee Peterson puts family first.

By Aubrey Taylor, SVI Media

Kandee Peterson is motivated for and by her family to create beautiful hand-tied art pieces, calling it “WyominWove”.

Peterson and her family moved to Star Valley in 2019 and expressed her and her husband’s excitement of raising their family in the valley.

“It has been one of the best decisions we have ever made,” says Peterson. “We love it here so much and can’t wait to raise our little ones here.”

She continued to share a little about her beginnings that led to the start of WyominWove saying, “Anyone that knows me, knows I put my little family first and foremost. They are my life. A little over a year ago, our little family witnessed the scariest moment of our lives, with our youngest. But little did we know, that was only the beginning of the most scariest and traumatizing times we’d all go through together.”

The experiences she had to endure were rough on her and her family. Peterson said, “It took hitting rock bottom to realize that I needed to take care of me. Take care of me first this time, so that I could continue to take care of my little family.”

Perterson and husband Spencer compiled a collection of deer and elk antlers. Knowing she wanted to do something with them, Petereson decided to make something for her husband. This first project led the way to what WyominWove is now. She wanted to make something that could be used to hold Spencer’s cowboy hat.

“I of course involved my little ones in the process, and that is where my 6 year old son named the official “Howdy Hanger.” My husband, family, and friends loved my new creation so much, that they encouraged and pushed me to keep making more.”

Peterson’s talent continued to grow as she made more designs.

“What started as a therapeutic outlet for myself,” said Peterson, “grew in to another dream come true, that I never knew that I needed.”

With most of her projects having a base of personally-collected horns and antlers, Paterson says, “I also tie on aspen branches, wood dowels, horseshoes, wood rings, lodge pole, arrows, etc.”

As per tradition, her family continues to help in creating her WyominWove pieces. They might tie a knot here and there, or choose antler and bead combinations to use.

“My son continues to help me name all of my pieces. A piece does not go out the door without his official stamp on it.”

Some of Peterson’s favorite pieces are the ones that create new friendships and include the customer’s personal story wherever possible.

“I try to incorporate as much of the persons story that I can, in to their custom piece. I have been told that I have touched people’s lives through these pieces. But in reality, all these people and pieces, have touched my life the most.”

Kandee has been working on many projects and selling mainly through her personal Facebook page. However, she has some pieces in the White Buffalo shop in Alpine and will be attending as many craft shows as she can throughout the year.

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