Alpine Top of the Rockies hosts Thanksgiving dinner

December 20, 2023

*Hours of volunteer work goes into the annual event.  By Dan Dockstader, SVI Media The traditional Top of the Rockies — Alpine Community Thanksgiving Dinner will be Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. Doors open at 2 p.m., dinner will be served at 3 p.m. in the Donn Wooden Civic Center.  “If you don’t have the means to […] Read More


April 5, 2023

υ Kandee Peterson puts family first. By Aubrey Taylor, SVI Media Kandee Peterson is motivated for and by her family to create beautiful hand-tied art pieces, calling it “WyominWove”. Peterson and her family moved to Star Valley in 2019 and expressed her and her husband’s excitement of raising their family in the valley. “It has […] Read More

Treats by Ty: Las Vegas Pastry Chef to Wyoming Freelancer

March 8, 2023

Treats by Ty: Las Vegas Pastry Chef to Wyoming Freelancer By Breanna Call, SVI Media Ty Larkin moved to Star Valley in 2021. Having worked on the Las Vegas strip as a professional pastry chef for years, she was ready for a different atmosphere. “I was working 60-hour workweeks,” says Larkin. “After COVID—it shut down […] Read More

Dry Creek Novelties

March 6, 2023

Laundry Just Got Easier  Let Dry Creek Novelties save you money.  Breanna Call, SVI Media Procter & Gamble manufacture hundreds of products, and one that no one can skip out on buying is laundry detergent. We all need clean clothes, so while doing laundry is time-consuming and repetitive, no one should opt out on this […] Read More

Jackalope Press

March 3, 2023

Get Personalized Cups at Jackalope Press  No two tumblers are exactly alike. Breanna Call, SVI Media “I just have to  create,” says Tracey Trefren. “It’s what keeps me sane.” Working in a high-intensity job as the victim services coordinator at the Jackson police department, Trefren needed an artistic outlet to help her unwind. To do […] Read More

Reed Rick Miller Tax Accounting - “I work for my clients, not the IRS” 

March 2, 2023

“I Work for My Clients, Not the IRS”  Reed Rick Miller Tax Accounting will take every step necessary to save you money.  Breanna Call, SVI Media Reed Rick Miller Tax Accounting has been serving clients in Star Valley for over three decades! For the past several years, they have not been taking on new clients, […] Read More

A Man, a Plow, and a Plan

February 2, 2023

• The Plow Guy gets up early, so you don’t have to. By Breanna Call SVI Media The snow berms keep getting higher and the snow keeps coming. Though the last few winters have been mild as far as Wyoming winters go, this year seems to be full steam ahead with the snow. And though […] Read More

Tree Fellers, LLC: Tree Removal the Old-Fashioned Way

January 7, 2023

◆ Hans Addicks at Tree Fellers is all about good customer service. By Breanna Call SVI Media Winter is in full swing, so for those of us who rely on cord wood to heat our homes, it’s paramount that we have enough to last until the snow is gone. And if you’ve lived here for […] Read More

SVOMM: Relieve Years of Pain in Minutes

January 6, 2023

◆ Paul Langevin opened his micropractice to form stronger relationships with patients while charging less. By Breanna Call, SVI Media After serving for sixteen years as a navy physician, Paul Langevin has seen just about everything. “When somebody comes in,” says Langevin, “with something that they think is unique. I’ve most likely seen it and […] Read More

The Alpine Standard: More Than a Convenience Store

January 5, 2023

 The Ruths want only to add to the gas station that has been in Star Valley for years.  By Breanna Call, SVI Media The Alpine Standard in Alpine has been around for decades. So when Jacque Ruth and her husband, Matt, took it over in early August, they wanted to preserve as much of its […] Read More

Make Ur Own Happy: A shop that gives back

January 3, 2023

◆ Teri Dzida sells products from a variety of nonprofit organizations.. By Breanna Call, SVI Media When Teri Dzida saw headbands for sale in a local shop, it set her life on a new course. Dzida learned that these headbands were sold by a nonprofit called Headbands of Hope. The organization was started by a […] Read More

Food with a Kick!

December 22, 2022

• Franceschi Farms ensures your meals will be full of fantastic flavor. By Breanna Call, SVI Media If you’re over bland flavors and want to add some life back into your food, Franceschi Farms has got you covered! Anna Franceschi is the brains behind the spices and jams that are changing the flavor dynamic in […] Read More

Individualized Gifts with Poignant Value

December 20, 2022

• As a talented seamstress, debbi Blair creates gifts full of memories. By Breanna Call, SVI Media This Christmas season, personalized gifts are sure to leave a heartwarming impression. And what better way to show how much you care for your loved one than by gifting them something truly unique? debbi Blair at Bunnies, Bears […] Read More

My Hive; Your Hive

December 19, 2022

• Terri Duval wants to share the benefits of her raw, local honey with you. By Breanna Call, SVI Media When Terri Duval was a young girl, for breakfast, she didn’t put syrup on her pancakes. Instead, she used honey. That’s because she grew up with a great-grandfather who raised bees. There was no shortage […] Read More

Life Insurance with No Questions Asked

December 15, 2022

• State Farm now offers life insurance with no medical history required.  By Breanna Call, SVI Media With funerals costing thousands of dollars, it’s important to have a financial plan in place. That’s where life insurance comes in. Unlike auto or home insurance, where we pay monthly premiums without knowing if we will ever cash […] Read More

Thayne Senior Center Is “Bursting at the Seams”

December 5, 2022

Attend their fundraising dinner to raise money for a much-needed, larger center. By Breanna Call, SVI Media The Thayne Senior Center is teeming with seniors. And why wouldn’t it be? Melinda Pebbles, the director of the center, is focused on growing a community and welcomes all seniors whether they live in the valley year-round or […] Read More

A Piece of Star Valley History Uncovered

October 5, 2022

  Lorell Woolley recently discovered the signage for the Osmond’s Hotel originally built in the mid-1900s. Breanna Call, SVI Media Many of us are descendants of the early pioneers who built the valley from the ground up. Because of this, many in the community have the unique opportunity to walk the very streets that their […] Read More

The Star of 89: Adding Four Vibrant Businesses to Our Community

October 5, 2022

(Photo gallery at the end of this article) Three couples are renovating the old Ford building in Afton to bring more social and economic opportunity to Star Valley. Breanna Call, SVI Media Star Valley just got a little brighter. Thanks to a trio of cousins and their spouses, exciting changes and unique businesses will soon […] Read More