Mental Wellness in the Workplace Symposium Recap

November 17, 2022


Mental Wellness in the Workplace Symposium Recap

We are so pleased to welcome over 200 people at our Mental Wellness in the Workplace Symposium at the UW Conference Center in Laramie. We had the opportunity to continue the vitally important conversation around mental health in Wyoming. We had several incredible speakers and expert panels to discuss ways to recognize and approach employees and others in our lives who may be dealing with mental health issues. Together, we can take steps to get people the help they need.

University of Wyoming President Ed Seidel

Ed Seidel, President of the University of Wyoming, welcomed attendees to the University of Wyoming and spoke about how mental wellness among students and staff at UW is a top priority.

Keynote Brad Marshall

Brad Marshall has spent years working with with athletes, corporations, and the military in the areas of mental resilience, dealing with stress, mindfulness, and optimal performance. He shared several ways employers can work with their staff to perform at a high level while ensuring they are happy and feel uplifted.

Brad Marshall

Staff Burnout and Solutions Panel

Dr. Ray Fleming Dinneen moderated this excellent panel about some ways employers can recognize and avoid staff burnout in our workplaces.

  • Jeremy Bay, Executive Director at Grace for 2 Brothers: With his experience in the military and at the helm of an suicide prevention organization, Jeremy spends his time teaching people how to recognize and receive the help they need when experiencing a mental health crisis.
  • Lance Porter, CEO Banner Wyoming Medical Center: Lance discussed ways that our frontline workers, particularly in healthcare, have been experiencing declining mental health and ways his hospital is working to combat that in order to take care of his employees.
  • Jen Davis, Senior Policy Advisor for Health and Human Services, Office of Governor Mark Gordon: Governor Gordon has made it a priority to address mental health in Wyoming and is working to make sure Wyoming citizens have the resources to find the help they need when they experience a mental health crisis.
  • Erin Orchard, Learning and Development Manager, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company: Erin has been at the forefront of ensuring employees in her company feel heard and appreciated. She has seen a more efficient and happier workplace because of it.
  • Chief Michelle Weber, Jackson Police Department: The Jackson Police Department has taken steps to help their officers, who experience trauma in their everyday work, be able to decompress and find the counseling and help they need to do their job effectively.
  • Sergeant Tony Matthews, Jackson Police Department: With over 25 years of service in Law Enforcement, Tony shared ways he’s seen positive changes with mental health in the Law Enforcement community, but knows there is still work to be done spreading it to all departments across Wyoming and the country.

Saddling Up for Life – Shelby McCamey Terrill

Shelby McCamey Terrill shared her personal story behind the creation behind her 501c3 organization, Yellow Felt Soul. The mission of her organization is to inspire those affected by depression and suicide that they may have a LIFE and a purpose.

Shelby McCamey Terrill

What’s Next for Wyoming Panel

Dr. Ray Fleming Dinneen and Samin Dahdelahi moderated this panel about what is next for Wyoming. The panel discussed how we can explore ways to improve mental wellness in Wyoming.

  • Judge Brian Christensen: With Judge Christensen’s experience in the Judicial System, he recognizes places where Wyoming can improve finding mental health assistance, like counseling, for victims and even offenders.
  • Representative Art Washut: Representative Washut discussed ways that policy makers can help address the mental health problems in Wyoming.
  • Jan Cundy, CFO EEO, Keyhole Technologies and Brad Cundy Co-Founder, Keyhole Technologies: Using their own personal experience losing a child to suicide, Jan and Brad discussed their experience as business owners and as parents with talking openly about suicide and ways people can spot the warning signs as well as moving forward after a tremendous loss.

Tours of the University of Wyoming

and WyoTech

Attendees of the Mental Wellness Symposium were given the opportunity to tour the campuses of the University of Wyoming and WyoTech. They saw the incredible facilities that exist in Laramie and were able to watch the students in action.

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