Individualized Gifts with Poignant Value

December 20, 2022

debbi Blair

As a talented seamstress, debbi Blair creates gifts full of memories.

By Breanna Call, SVI Media

This Christmas season, personalized gifts are sure to leave a heartwarming impression. And what better way to show how much you care for your loved one than by gifting them something truly unique? debbi Blair at Bunnies, Bears & Such uses her talent of sewing to create pieces that not only are individualized but also hold poignant value.

Blair takes clothing, blankets, or other materials representative of a loved one and uses it to create stuffed bears. “I call them memory bears,” says Blair. These bears are a wonderful way for people to remember loved ones or to remember significant moments in their own lives. Blair recalls making a memory bear for her grandma after Blair’s grandpa passed: “I was at her house with her shortly after, and we were cleaning his stuff out. She gave me his tuxedo, and I made her a bear out of his tuxedo pants.” 

Blair also makes other animals, such as stuffed bunnies and angels. “These are my pride and perfection,” Blair says referring to her angels. “I make them out of recycled sweaters, so they are unique, and I do their wings out of individual feathers. . . . I make their wings and everything by hand. It’s a lot of time, a lot of love. Each one is individual.”

One of Blair’s most popular customized items are her polar fleece blankets. They are designed for children who can use them as “a naptime blanket” or “to curl up on the couch in front of the TV.” These blankets are thick, warm, and durable. You can even throw them in the washer and dryer without them falling apart. “That’s been a good seller for me. . . . I have ladies that have bought them for a two-year-old kid, and I see him five to six years later. They still have their blanket. They still love their blanket.” These blankets are even more unique because Blair hand stitches the edges instead of crocheting them or using a sewing machine.

Blair has no shortage of sewing talent. She has made clothing, baskets, bags, table runners, quilts, dog beds, cat toys, and more. For the holidays, she also makes an assortment of ornaments, including fabric stars, hand-painted ornaments, stair spindle angels, and pins. When looking for a personalized gift, don’t hesitate to reach out to Blair to see what she can create for you. You can text her at (307) 413-1957 to get started.

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