Afton Food Pantry Services

January 5, 2023

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Treats by Ty: Las Vegas Pastry Chef to Wyoming Freelancer

March 8, 2023

Treats by Ty: Las Vegas Pastry Chef to Wyoming Freelancer By Breanna Call, SVI Media Ty Larkin moved to Star Valley in 2021. Having worked on the Las Vegas strip as a professional pastry chef for years, she was ready for a different atmosphere. “I was working 60-hour workweeks,” says Larkin. “After COVID—it shut down […] Read More

Dry Creek Novelties

March 6, 2023

Laundry Just Got Easier  Let Dry Creek Novelties save you money.  Breanna Call, SVI Media Procter & Gamble manufacture hundreds of products, and one that no one can skip out on buying is laundry detergent. We all need clean clothes, so while doing laundry is time-consuming and repetitive, no one should opt out on this […] Read More

Jackalope Press

March 3, 2023

Get Personalized Cups at Jackalope Press  No two tumblers are exactly alike. Breanna Call, SVI Media “I just have to  create,” says Tracey Trefren. “It’s what keeps me sane.” Working in a high-intensity job as the victim services coordinator at the Jackson police department, Trefren needed an artistic outlet to help her unwind. To do […] Read More