Western Womyn: Fine arts gallery event supporting local women in the arts on Monday, February 6.

February 1, 2023

Western Womyn gallery will be open one day only on February 6 at 2 p.m in Alpine.

By Aubrey Taylor, SVI Media

I tracked a cat to a fresh elk kill, most of the carcass under ice cold water. As the sun slowly rose, I moved along the edge of an eroded cliff that overlooked the scene, guiding me to my prize. I crept up to the kill with my heart in my throat. I was then in the company of a wild, unabaited North American mountain lion, notoriously impossible to photograph in their natural environment. It was the privilege of my life.

Susanne Sabbatino, Sarah Shuman, and other artists have joined forces to bring a stunning local fine arts gallery event to the Flying Saddle in Alpine on February 6 starting at 2 p.m.  It is a follow up event to the women’s retreat Rev It Up Girls, which Susanne is a member of. “It is also the only time to view and become a ‘collector ‘of the photographs and art of this exhibit in Alpine,” says Sabbatino.

Western Womyn artists are Susanne Sabbatino, Founder and Gallerist; Sara Shuman Co-Founder and Photographer; Natalie Behring and Savannah Rose.

This professional gallery is free to the public and will feature local artists and highlight the Wyoming nature and country lifestyle that is loved by so many of us.

Sabbatino has been around the world working on galleries with her company ROB Galeries. “This collection called “Western Womyn” will move to shows in Staten Island, New York, Orlando, Florida and Rome, Italy where they will remain on permanent exhibition at the ROB gallery of Rome,  Italy.” Sabbatino shares that “Italians really love the West United States, so I really think it will have a life force, even over seas, and I wanted to find the right… women here, so we could cultivate it and grow it.”

The goal is to “represent and uplift women in the community”. Sabbatino emphasizes the importance of making the gallery one collective piece. “There’s this connection… It’s soulful communication that resonates in our lives to inspire women. I’m hoping I can make a little bit of a difference in how female artists are represented and promoted. That’s my unending quest.”

Sarah Shuman adds the hope of “creating a community over competition.” The group has a desire to provide female artists a comfortable platform to express themselves and come together with the rest of the community. When discussing her passion for photography, Shuman says,  “I want to take photos that evoke emotion and make it hard to take your eyes off of them. I want to give you images that will stand the test of time.”

Shuman also hinted of displaying some of her photography that includes trail cam footage from the area.

Natalie Behring affirms this as she too will have visuals on display. “It feels good to any artist to have people see your work.” Natalie continues to express the wonderful team she gets to work with stating, “Susanne is so charismatic. I hope everyone is infected by her enthusiasm.”

Sabbatino shares those fond feelings with the women she is working with. Her contagious excitement for the event and support of women in the arts is sure to be on display during this event.

“The show will be open to the public and we would like to encourage anyone interested in the fine arts to attend.”

Go support these amazing women of the arts and their goals to continue this event for other women in the area for years to come!

Natalie Behring opens a fresh print of her photo “Silo in Squirrel”, which will be one of many displayed at the February 6 event in Alpine. Photo by Susanne Sabbatino


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