Legislative Update – Day 32 of the 2023 General Session

February 25, 2023

Day 32 –The End Is Near

The Senate and House were moving at full tilt today. Both were able to get through a pretty good chunk of bills, but as we have seen throughout this session, the Senate was working at a much faster and more efficient pace.

Today [Feb 25] was the last day for bills to come out of committee in the second chamber. There is one bill left standing in committee, a re-referral to the House Appropriations Committee, SF 136 – Property Tax Relief-Assessment Rate Reduction. That bill will be heard in committee on Monday.

 Next week will be a very busy one as the Legislature will be up against several deadlines:

  • Monday, February 27: Last day for Committee of the Whole in the second house
  • Tuesday, February 28: Last day for Second Reading in the second house
  • Wednesday, March 1: Last day for Third Reading in the second house
  • Thursday, March 2: Concurrence on Amendments/Joint Conference Committee Reports

This has been a very busy and interesting legislative session. And while we still have work to do next week to get a few more bills across the finish line, we learned a lot and had many opportunities to remind our Legislators that Business Makes Wyoming Better!

What Happened,Thursday, Feb. 24th (Day 32)

House Education Committee

  • SF0132 – Study of K-12 education program (WBA MONITORING). – Bill failed to pass the Committee.

Senate Floor

  • HB0140 – Mental Health care Access-Collaborative Care Model (WBA SUPPORTS). – Bill passed Third Reading.
  • HB0099 – Property tax refund program (WBA MONITORING). – Bill passed Third Reading.

House Floor

  • SF0174 – Wyoming charter school authorizing board (WBA SUPPORTS). – Bill passed the Committee of the Whole.
  • SF0147 – Government contracts-labor organization (WBA MONITORING). – Bill passed the Committee of the Whole.
  • SF0151 – Wyoming prescription drug transparency act (WBA OPPOSED). – Bill passed the Committee of the Whole.
  • SJ0003 – Property tax exemption for the elderly and infirm (WBA MONITORING). Laid back to Monday.

Bills the WBA is Closely Monitoring

We will update our bill trackers daily as bills are posted to the LSO website and as action is taken on bills. The trackers include hyperlinks to the individual bills as well as the WBA’s position on those pieces of legislation. The WBA’s positions are taken in accordance with our official process.

If you would like more information about a bill position or to request a position on a bill, please reach out to Cindy DeLancey to begin the committee review process.

Legislative Tracker

Tax Bill Tracker

Bills Scheduled for

Monday, Feb. 27th (Day 33)

Livestream video from the floor and committees via the Legislature’s YouTube ChannelThis listing below only includes bills WBA is tracking.

Monday, Feb. 27th (Day 33) Committee Hearings

House Appropriations, Upon Noon Recess, State Capitol, Room E301 & Online 

  • SF0136 – Property tax relief-assessment rate reduction (WBA MONITORING).

Monday, Feb. 27th (Day 33) Floor Sessions

Senate Floor Session Begins at 10:00 AM on Feb. 27th

  • HB0003 – State assessment of independent power producers (WBA SUPPORTS). – General File
  • HB0190 – Wyoming value added energy and industrial plan (WBA MONITORING). – General File

House Floor Session Begins at 10:00 AM on Feb. 27th

  • SJ0003 – Property tax exemption for the elderly and infirm (WBA MONITORING). – Third Reading
  • SF0174 – Wyoming charter school authorizing board (WBA SUPPORTS). – Second Reading
  • SF0151 – Wyoming prescription drug transparency act (WBA OPPOSED). – Second Reading
  • SF0147 – Government contracts-labor organization (WBA MONITORING). – Second Reading

2023 WBA Legislative Priorities

WBA’s Guiding Principles: Business Makes Wyoming Better. The Wyoming Business Alliance supports public policy and legislation that enhances a sound business environment and promotes economic diversification. We do not support adding regulatory barriers or additional burdens on business in Wyoming.

WBA members support the following:

  • Supporting legislation and budget items that promote modernization and efficiency in government, education, and promote workforce development.
  • Supporting legislation that incentivizes investment to broaden Wyoming’s tax base.
  • Supporting legislation that encourages enhanced production of natural resources.
  • Promoting certainty and clarity of current and future tax policy for all industries.

Other Session Information

  • Bills
  • Legislator contacts: LSO web page
  • Schedule: The Session is scheduled to run 37 business days, Jan. 10th – March 3rd. Download full schedule
  • Standing Committee Handouts: In the event you would like to send a handout to either chamber Floor or a Committee, make sure to email the completed handout form with your documents to each member of the chamber or committee and also send it to legdocs@wyoleg.gov. Please be sure to include all of the information asked for on the form. Committee members and their e-mail addresses can be found here.
  • Daily floor calendars/meeting schedules: Sign up here.
  • Online Hotline: During the legislative session, you can recommend support for or opposition to a particular piece of legislation by using the Online Hotline. Learn more here.

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