Lincoln County Update via Southwest Wyoming Manufacturing Partnership

March 24, 2023

Silver Star Communications, a leading telecommunications company, has extended its support to the Southwest Wyoming Manufacturing Partnership (SWMP) by setting up meetings with Lincoln County School District #2 and Lower Valley Energy. The aim of these meetings is to foster collaboration between the SWMP and organizations in North Lincoln County creating opportunities for mutual growth and development.

The Lincoln County School District #2 is a prominent educational institution in the region, and Lower Valley Energy is a major provider of energy services. By partnering with these organizations, the SWMP aims to tap into their expertise and resources to enhance its communities across southwest Wyoming and drive growth in the Star Valley region.

In addition to these two new members to the partnership, Silver Star Communications has also invited the Fairfield Inn to join the new Hospitality and Tourism Partnership. This partnership aims to promote tourism in the region by creating a network of hospitality providers and local businesses to offer visitors a unique and memorable experience. If visitors leave feeling valued and happy, they are going to come back for future trips and help support our friends and neighbors.Southwest Wyoming Manufacturing Partnership

By bringing together various stakeholders in Lincoln County, including local businesses, educational institutions, and energy providers, Silver Star Communications is taking a collaborative approach to support economic growth in Southwest Wyoming. The company’s efforts to support these partnerships demonstrate its commitment to the local community and its vision of driving growth and development in the region.

Via Southwest Wyoming Manufacturing Partnership

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